May 012013

YES! Magazine’s May Day Panel on the Cooperatives Movement – AnyMeeting | Free Web Conferencing, Webcast and Meeting Service.

Here’s a very rough transcript with tons of links. I’ll dress this up a bit later.


We have Laura Flanders of GRITtv and the Laura Flanders Show, Ted Howard of the Democracy Collaborative, Omar Freilla of the Green Worker Cooperatives, Eric Bowman of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, and Mike Beall of the National Cooperative Business Association.


NCMFC to the Panel


Our major strategic need is for professional assistance in building our ‘funding stack’ and then successfully implementing its components, from grants to private funding. We are a 501(c)16 with a current five year base capital reinvestment commitment of $100k and broad support in the community. We have a detaild development plan and very significant regional growth potential. We would sincerely appreciate any reccomendations regarding this type of technical assistance.


Antony McMullen from Australia


The issue of worker co-ops surviving that you raise Laura are addressed in a great paper by MIT CoLab it is a bit of a ‘Bible’ for (and hello Adrian from Melbourne too!)


Eric Bowman


Northwest Cooperative Development Association …


Green Worker Cooperatves:


29000 Co-ops in the US


A Co-Op to be launched:


Cleveland’s Worker-Owned Boom” by Ted Howard (& others):


Hello all! Kind regards from Canada! Thanks to YES! Magazine for putting this together. Up here in Ontario, we have a fun resource for raising coop awareness in local high schools: We’ve had lots of coops/credit unions sponsor the unit as part of their youth egagement strategies. Just an FYI!


Great resources and toolboxes at


Mike Beall National Cooperative Business Association


Very difficult funding …. Credit Uniion sector virtually untapped for Coop funding … big opportunity.


Coop Business Associations like the CoC Lots of polkitical work to do to raise the profile of Coops


Startup v expansion … more financing than it appears


re: funding sources, individuals can invest in local businesses through Community Sourced Capital in Seattle


Just want to mention that we have been providing training programs on how to start cooperatives:The Art & Science of Starting a Cooperative EnterpriseSessions One, Two & Threesince 1997.I’ve attached the program info, FYI We deliver the program at cost and bring some of the best co-op developers from across the country to share lessons-learn. The program includes lectures, interactive sessions, case studies of existing co-ops and tours to local co-ops to talk directly with stakeholders.  Many of our co-op leader today, such as Eric Bowman, have been through our program.For more info visitcooperationworks.coopor email me — Audrey MalanCooperationWorks! Training Programs307-655-9162[ ][


you’re looking to suport and tap into organizing efforts seeking to strengthen youth engagement and employment with/in the cooperative movement, check out the USA Cooperative Youth Council:


Community Development Finance Institutions. The Reinvestment Fund. New film Shift Change ( excellent film for discussion of coops.

If your in a rural area you qualify for free help from any RCDG center:

Cooperative Development foundation is a 501 c3 that helps co-ops helps co-ops start and grow

Strengthening Local Independent Coops Everywhere in the Seattle area.

You can also sign up to receive our newsletter at

create events – using a film or powerpoint – do a “media event”, invite the press

Some positive movement on the Federal level.




Principal organizer and webmaster for the Coop,I've got significant professional background in civil, mechanical and architectural design.Former founding chair of the Kauai chapter of Habitat for Humanity, designer and construction consultant for the Riverfront Amphitheater in St.Helens, Or.
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